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Thought For The Day

“You might be on the right track, but you’ll still get run over if you just sit there.” -- Will Rogers

“Getting active” refers to the idea that recovery comes only through working the N.A. program -- through active involvement in the 12 steps, and not from solitary “white-knuckle” determination not to use or drink. Recovery does not come from passively attending N.A. meetings, either. Just not using is a negative, sterile thing. This has been clearly demonstrated by our experience. To have more, and to stay “stopped”, we have found that we need to put a program of positive action in place of using. We need to stop and think, then systematically replace old habits and ways of thinking with new ones. Why is this so important? Because the compulsiveness of addiction is usually incorporated into rituals: using at a certain time and place, in certain ways, with particular people, and so on. As our substance abuse gave way first to habitual use and then to compulsive use, our lives became centered around our addiction.

Action. We simply cannot sit back and wait for the “miracle” to occur. Just like Will Rogers’ tounge-in-cheek adage, we are likely to get “run over” by our addiction if we don’t take active steps to prevent its reoccurance. Fortunately, we have 12 steps designed to do just that -- but we must DO them.

The best explanation I have ever heard for this principle was given to me many years ago by another addict in Hayward, California. Like most everything else in this program, its essence is simple, pure and straight-to-the-point:

“If faith without works is dead, than prayer -- without action -- is fantasy.”

Easy does it, but DO it.

:) Spike :)

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